new talent


First-year Fine Art students explored themes of identity and locality at their year-end exhibition, Twenty Thirteen, taking visitors on trips around Suffolk and the world. The familiar blocks of a container ship featured in a painting by Peta Hillier. Jamie Limond explored the semiotics of flags, including sculptures combining metal and the Union Jack (above). He also showed landscape photographs and prints of local subjects such as the soon-to-be-closed Orford Ness lighthouse. Rabab el Shrife brought a vivid series of paintings based on the word “Egypt” (below). Alex Woodcock showed works inspired by a trip to China, including sculpture of a laborer, paintings on the theme of food, and a miniature folding-screen landscape panorama.

Children might be intrigued by the works made with everyday materials, such as the brown-paper-bag mummy in Katherine Raffell‘s “Wrapped.” Jenny Butcher used chicken wire, coathanger wire, egg cartons, and men’s ties to make individual sculptures fusing geometric discipline with randomness. Her signature work may be “Epidemic,” a triplet of lumpy yet regular reefs made from wire and plastic bags with the Sainsbury’s logo still visible.

The show runs through June 1 in the three floors of the Atrium Studios (West Building, UCS Campus). Additional works can be seen in the galleries by appointment.



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